Guess what dudes? I love comic books. And since this is my blog I’m starting a new posting of picks from my weekly pilgrimage to the comic shop.

I picked up this week’s stack from Strange Adventures in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, a great shop by all accounts. Here we go…

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: Treachery #3 (Marvel)
Treachery is the third mini-series based on The Dark Tower series of books. I used to think King was kind of a hack with a knack for quantity over quality but I’ve since changed my opinion. The Dark Tower is his magnum opus and the comic book rendering of it is faithful, gorgeous, and delightful. Wether you are a new recruit or an old fan, this series is hot!

Stephen King’s The Stand: Captain Trips #3 (Marvel)
I was fairly convinced that The Dark Tower was the best of what King had to offer but I was willing to give The Stand a shot after learning it was a major inspiration to the creators of my favorite TV show, LOST. At over 1000 pages, it is a prolific novel that took me about five months to read. This adaptation is accurate as well but not quite as visually stimulating as The Dark Tower. Still a good way to get your fix though.

Galveston #1 (Boom! Studios)
What can I say, I’m a Native Texan, so when I spied with my little eye a comic book dealing with a piece of Texas history I couldn’t refuse. The Cassady-esque cover by Jeffrey Spokes is a little misleading. That and having two separate artists on the inside is distracting to me. The first few pages drawn by Greg Scott are a bit rough but promising but the follow-up by Todd Herman just strikes me as sloppy. The plot of Jim Bowie and the pirate Jean Lafitte’s adventures in pre-Revolution Texas seemed like an awesome idea but the execution leans a little towards the comical which I found off-putting. I’ll hang around to see where it goes out of shear curiosity and blind loyalty to the subject matter.

Green Lantern Corps #30 (DC)
The Sinestro Corps War has been by far the greatest far-reaching event in comics in quite some time. There was sufficient build-up and now the after-effects are just as exciting. Every Lantern title is building up to the next event and the tensions are high on Oa and throughout the universe. This book brings up some interesting points on the power of love as a source of good but with the potential for evil. We also get the newset addition to The Book of Oa and it will probably ruffle some feathers.

JSA Kingdom Come Special: Superman One-Shot (DC)
The original Elseworlds Kingdom Come book was what got me back into comic books after a long hiatus. Alex Ross’ art blew me away and all the imagination and complexity that went into the story let me know that there was still a place for me in that world. So when the signs of a melding of the Kingdom Come Universe and the regular DCU began to appear in the Justice Society of America relaunch, I was so full of fanboy glee I thought I might burst! I wasn’t able to follow the JSA title as closely as I would have liked but you can always count on a one-shot to give you a good story without having to know every detail of what’s going on around it. That and this one is written and drawn by Ross so booyah! JSA is one of the best DC books out there and with Geoff Johns at the helm it can hardly do any wrong in my eyes.

Batman: Cacophany #1
Not being able to follow the flagship Batman or Detective Comics titles and Grant Morrison’s taste for the bizarre has distanced me from being up to date with the current RIP storyline so I was all about a good old-fashioned Dark Knight story. And the fact that it’s penned by none other than Kevin Smith didn’t hurt a bit. Very pleased where this story is going. New villain and an appearance by Deadshot have the makings of a great arc/mini-series.

The Cleaners #1 (Dark Horse)
Dark Horse books are like a breath of fresh air in this age of muddled continuity and endless crossovers from The Big 2. They have so many great titles and continue to come out with new and exciting stuff that pushes the envelope in the comics industry. With no notion of what this new book was about, I was drawn to the clean white cover splattered with blood and very pleased with the result. Whilst reading it I got the sneaking suspicion that there was much buried beneath the surface storyline and was proven right, albeit subtly, in the final frame. Definitely going to follow up on this title.

Alright, that about does it for this week. Thanks for indulging and feel free to comment on your opinions of these books and anything I may have missed this week.