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OMG, it’s really real isn’t it?

America has spoken and we are ready for change. Finally, after 8 years of piss-poor leadership, the clouds have broken and a golden ray of hope is shining down on us.

It sounds overdramatic but if you think about it, it truly is a new era in America. Over the years we’ve gone from being one of the most beloved and respected nations to a punchline in the international community. In my travels I’ve seen it first-hand. We should never cater to other countries and make decisions based on their opinion of us, but you can’t be a world leader if no one respects you. Our reputation has been dragged through the mud, but no longer. There is a reason why most of the global community wanted Obama to win. Other countries know the influence we have and the power we hold and they want a qualified person leading us just as much as we do. And now we’ve taken the first step to rebuilding this great country of ours into the symbol of hope and democracy that it began as.

I know it won’t be easy but it still feels really good. Not just being able to claim the winning team but feeling confident that the decisions our new President will make will be in our best interest and the interests of the world at large and not as the result of string pulling from large corporations and personal vendetta. And enough with the Socialism and terrorsit accusations already. If you haven’t figured out that all that was fear-mongering and name calling aimed at the uneducated who are too lazy to do the research to prove otherwise, then it’s time to wake up. Watch closely and you’ll see the Washingtonians who made those claims are still going to work with both sides in the coming years because they know that the campaigning is all a game and now that it’s over it’s time to get down to the real work at hand (at least I hope they will anyway).

I really hope that people on both sides can accept this change, put aside their differences and be a unified America again. Things are about to get ugly and we need to work together to get through this. I’ve heard a lot of dumb shit come out of people’s mouth from both sides over the past 18 hours or so and I hope that it stops or at least abates soon so we can get on with the work that needs to be done. So, as a general rule, if you are about to open your mouth and what is coming out has been said on the news or in some bullshit chain e-mail a thousand times, just shut the fuck up. Seriously, election season is over and I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m sick of the talking points and Joe the Plumber and the slogans and all that other horseshit. Let’s talk issues and let’s talk progress!

I’m really curious to see if all the mud-slinging that has gone on in the past few years will continue. The neo-con talking heads love to label liberals and independents as anti-American for not supporting the Iraq war or GWB in general. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to prove you wrong! You see, we never hated America. Au contraire, we love the shit out of her. But when our government tricks us into going to war, engages in fear-mongering to gain control and steals our personal freedoms, we get a little upset. And we aren’t so petty as to rally behind images or lame country songs to prove our patriotism. So we tell Washington that we’re angry! And that, my friends, is the strongest form of patriotism there is. That is what democracy is all about. And now we have a government that we can believe in, one that will listen to us, and by us I mean the people, not just the liberals or the Democrats.

And by the way, we won’t call you un-American if you don’t support the President. I, for one, will be the first to cry foul when I don’t like a policy or decision because I have fought for the right to do so. It’s your right to dissent and I support your ability to do so, even though you chastised me and called me names when I did. Not bitter, I promise.

So please, even if you didn’t vote for Obama, at least give him a chance. You might be surprised at the result. We can only do this right if we all work together and I pledge to you, here and now, that I won’t be a dick about the next Republican who gets elected President. So long as he is not a total douchebag at least πŸ˜‰