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Hey, look at that, it’s Super Tuesday already! Hopefully you were smart enough to early vote and saved yourself from the election day chaos and long lines. But if you didn’t, now’s your last chance, and let’s be real – this one is worth putting up with a little chaos.

Pretty obvious who this cat is voting for. I’m full of HOPE and ready for CHANGE, but honestly all I care about is that you get out there and vote for your candidate of choice and let your voice be heard. And you can even get some free shit out of the deal!

I don’t know how it is for the rest of you but I can actually feel the world changing lately. It’s subtle and easy to overlook with all the distractions we’ve filled our lives with but it is definitely there. There is an energy about and I see it in people’s faces and I feel the electricity in the air when they get excited. And it isn’t all just about Obama, it’s everywhere. Maybe it’s the recession that is causing folks to reevaluate their needs and what truly matters in their lives or maybe it’s some wacky astrological cosmic rays cooking our brains. Don’t know, don’t care. Fact is, nothing significant has happened on a social level in this country in about 40 years so I’d say we’re about due.

The economy may suck but it’s a pretty awesome time to be alive.