Greetings friends. I thought I’d take a little time to make some announcements and explain a few things about this site, what’s been going on lately, and what’s to come.

First off, as I mentioned previously, I am now a contributor over at JaxScene. I met Tom a week or so ago and he invited me to join the team after reading Jack’s Jax. His site is a hell of alot prettier than mine and gets a lot more attention so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of it. I was a little leary at first because I enjoy and appreciate meeting people who have read the site and associate me with it, but my main objective is getting my thoughts and opinions out there and sometimes that means sacrificing a little of the credit and control to be heard.

That being said, I fully intend to keep doing this site but with a slightly different focus. From now on I will be posting event coverage and photos on JaxScene and writing about all the other cool stuff here. I’m considering some name and style changes to this site, but one thing at a time people!

Now down to the nitty-gritty…

Call it proactive damage control or a preemptive strike or whatever you want. In my coverage of events, issues, etc, I intend to be completely subjective. I’m not going to give you “just the facts, ma’am”, after reading what I have to say you’ll have a pretty good notion of how I feel about something. That’s the beauty of blogging in my humble opinion. I (we) don’t have sponsors or advertisers. There is no money involved and noone pulling the strings telling me (us) what to write. As such, when you come to this site or read my posts on JaxScene you are going to get pure unfiltered, uncensored, unsolicited, unadulterated (and a couple of other un-‘s)opinion and commentary. “Straight from the streets”, as they say.

That being said, I do like to keep things positive. My mission is to get people excited and motivated about the things that are happening in Jacksonville. If I can expose someone to something new or help out a business or establishment that I believe in, I feel I’ve done my part in the grand scheme of things. But ultimately I also want to make things better and that means providing a little constructive criticism into how to improve and explore some lessons learned. So if you host an event that I cover, you might not like everything you read, but know that I write what I write with the best of intentions in hopes that you will consider what I have to say the next go ’round.

Allow me to close by saying that I am no expert, I am merely a humble observer. I’ve never even attempted to open a business, host an event, or create something to show the public. My hat goes off to anyone with the desire, drive, and fortitude to put themselves out there like that. In fact, many of the people I’ve met over the past few weeks have inspired me to search for my niche and give it a shot. Well, maybe when the economy picks back up again. Until then I intend to learn what I can from you all and remain your faithful blogger-at-large. There are many great people out there who are motivated and passionate about making this city even better than it already is and I take pride in counting myself among your ranks.