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Have you seen it? Folio Weekly’s Best of Jacksonville is available at bars, restaraunts, and stores throughout the city and lists some of the city’s favorite places to shop, eat, see a show, etc.

And for the most part, it’s a bunch of bullshit!

Allow me to explain. While there are many great picks in the bunch and a few that I don’t particularly agree with but accept, there are far too many non-Jacksonville national chain-type places listed. While I don’t have a copy in front of me, I do remember a few of the “big winners”:

Best Italian Food – Carraba’s
Best Steak – Ruth’s Chris
Best Dessert – Cheesecake Factory
Best Bookstore – Barnes & Noble

Are you effing kidding me?!?! I’m not sure who is actually to balme here. Wether it’s Folio for allowing such places to even be in the running or the people of Jacksonville for their lack of originality and aversion to supporting local businesses. Don’t get me wrong, these are all great places. I love me some Carraba’s Chicken Bryan! But the point is, they ain’t Jax. Folio and Jaxvillians should be proud to show off some of the local places that shine and make this city so great. I’m an out-of-towner and I’ve been amazed at the spirit and independence of the people here. So many are doing great things and although they may not be so widely known, it should be the duty of publications like Folio to help spread the word. Before I close, I should point out some of the winners that deserve the honor:

Best Local Blog – Urban Jacksonville
Best Tobacco Store – Nicotine
Best Local Bookstore – Chamblin Book Mine

I’m sure there were other good pics but I threw the damn thing away before I finished it.

So I have a solution to this travesty. Go online. It’s still free and it’s much greener. While I do lament the demise of the paper publication, if this is where it’s headed, I’ll let it die. If you want a restaraunt review, check out Jacksonville Confidential (good gossip too!). Need to know what’s going down tonight, no place better than JaxScene. For art news, hit up The Outer Box or Globatron. And that’s only the beginning. There are many local bloggers out there with much more relevant, subjective, and uninfluenced things to say about this city than some fake-ass alternative newspaper. Support local blogging!

Sorry for the tirade. I usually don’t like to do negative reviews but I think this needed to be said.