Last night I finally made it out to Art Walk and what a great time it was! I have to admit I didn’t take the time to peep a whole lot of art unfortunately as we were too busy drinking and carrying on. I saw some familiar faces and met some new folks which is what it’s really all about right? I also got to check out Partisan the Sea and it was awesome (plus free beer!). Picked up a “Keep It Wheel” tee from the Burro guys and let it be known it was Aimee who came up with “Biking Shit Up” when that one comes out.

Looking at the calendar today I noticed I won’t be able to make the next two Art Walks and I’m pretty upset about it. Everyday it seems like Jacksonville throws something into the mix that makes it harder and harder to leave. I’m meeting tons of really great people and there never seems to be a shortage of things to do. Quite a predicament I’ve found myself in!