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Are you fuggin digging all the alliteration or what?!

After all the excitement on Friday, Saturday was a wash spent protecting my mighty warship from the likes of Mayport hookers and over-excited JROTC spazzes. Okay, not really, but I was on duty and it most certainly did suck.

Luckily, Sunday was chock full of good times and a little craziness for extra flavor. I’m still feeling the effects of my morning workout at CFJax which was all the worse after the mid-watch.

Later, the girls and I rode our bikes from Riverside to Zombie Bikes in Springfield to kick it and watch some bicycle polo. It was very cool to finally see the shop and meet some new people. I finally got a chance to ask Matt at Burro Bags about the custom bag I want made out of my old sea bags and DCU’s. I’ll be posting more on that as it progresses.

Joe gave Aimee a lesson in grinding that would make her daddy proud, and taught Stacey how to skid stop. Despite a little random drama, it was very cool to just hang out in the garage and watch the magic happen.

Later on, we moseyed on over to Shantytown for cold beverages. Things got a little crazy with between the metalheads who took the place over and the sucker-ass wannabe graffiti artists whose choice of expression was not so universally appreciated.

NOTE TO ALL: Keep your fake-ass, thug, 1994, “The Whackness” routine the FUCK away from places where folks go to unwind and relax with interesting and diverse people. Recognize the difference between art and being obnoxious and spare us all the lecture on how fucking “street” you are. We don’t buy it!

Anyhow, despite all that, I got to meet some very intelligent, interesting, and kind people who are the type that help make a place in my heart for this city. It gets harder and harder to leave everyday.

It was looking to be a rough ride home with all the beer and hardly any sleep the night before but about 7 or 8 of us all left together and I, for one, had a magnificent time riding through downtown and along the river at night. It was beautiful and even the homeless folks sleeping on the benches made the ride quite unforgettable. I’ve been wanting to ride more often and last night gave me just the motivation I needed.

I am very much looking forward to The Night Ride now, especially since I just found out we will be back in time! Let me know if you’ll be going so we can meet up. Til then…