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So the plan was: go to wedding, skip out to see the Partisan the Sea show, check out the afterparty – simple, right? Didn’t happen that way.

Weddings are not my scene. Let’s chalk it up to painful reminders and leave it at that. So I fully anticipated paying my respects, downing a few Yuenglings and sneaking out to check out the Partisan the Sea political poster show at Churchwell Lofts, hosted by Joey Marchy of Urban Jacksonville. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time but I ended up having such an awesome time with some new folks I met, I decided to let the evening roll.

After many beers and cigarettes with my nouveaux aimees, we realized we were the only ones left at the reception and decided to head for warmer climes. Seeing as how we were already in Riverside we had much to chose from but ended up at Steamworksin 5 Points. Upon first glance it appeared as your standard neighborhood bar ($2 PBR, FTW) but for the brave and the bold who venture further back into discotheque lighted dancefloor, all kinds of surprises await.

At around 11:30 they were playing some 60’s pop and psyche music which drew my new friends and I to the dancefloor to cut a rug. I was wasted and dancing like an idiot I’m sure but as the DJ segwayed into such classic tunes as The Ramones’ “Sheila Is a Punk Rocker”, Weezer’s “Pinkerton” and even (OMG) Neutral Milk Hotel, I let my inhibtions fade away and had the time of my life. I don’t know how the place runs on any other nights but Fridays are guaranteed fun!

And the good news is I have another (final) chance to check out Partisan the Sea on October 1st! As do you, so mark your calendars…