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Friday was a half-day at work so I was determined to go out and find something cool to do this past Thursday. JaxScene came through, as usual, with a nice little list of goings-on for the evening. None of the usual DJ So-and-so’s events sounded particularly enticing so I did a little research on the bands playing at Jack Rabbits on the trusty iPhone. TheMySpace page for the headliner, Lackawanna Carriage Works, listed Gram Parsons and Wilco as major influences so I was sold.

It was my first trip back to good ol’ Jack Rabbits and San Marco for that matter in over a year and a half, so it was nice to visit an old familiar place and see how it’s changed. It was late so I couldn’t really notice any major changes (good thing). I arrived towards the beginning of Win Win Winter’s set and ordered the first of many $3 PBR tallboys.

These guys, out of Tampa, were great and probably should have headlined (although if you ask the headlining band on this particularly evening, that wasn’t such a blessing). They had great energy and stage presence and delivered near-epic guitar solos that channeled My Morning Jacket during their most rocking jams. The organ was a nice touch as well that gave the quieter sections a 70’s moodiness that reminded me of Lupine Howl. I really enjoyed their set and picked up their EP, but for some reason it didn’t sound like the same band so I’m hoping if they release a full-length it will better reflect the live show’s energy and tone.

Next up was what appeared to be the local favorite of the night, Jonathan AppleseedWhile perhaps not as masterful as WWW, they rocked the shit out of that place. I remember twittering that they were a “swampbilly riot”, a genre I made up on the spot, and I think it fits. There were hints of Drive By Truckers and some Mojo Nixon mixed in there and I loved it. I’ll be looking for them to play again soon.

Last on the stage was another local act, Lackawanna Carriage Works, the band I read about and actually came to see. Unfortunately, other than a handful of other people, I was the only one. They missed a damn good band. They didn’t kick and thrash and spit or scream, but they played some good down-home country rock. There was a Silver Jews cover in there and several Gram Parsons tunes (my hero) in preparation for the tribute festival next weekend. I guess it was late on a worknight, but it was sad that nobody stuck around.

What I really took away from the evening was a new appreciation for the caliber of music Florida is capable of. With the exception of Black Kids and David Dondero’s backing band, I’m not down with a lot that comes out of the Sunshine State but I must say I will be paying much closer attention now.