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Twice this weekend I misssed golden opportunities due to my tardiness.

On Friday I hung around the house a little later than planned while my roommate grilled kebabs and by the time I got to European Street, all the free beer was gone. I have to say, I really don’t like that place. Back when I lived in Riverside, I ate their once was completely unimpressed with the food. This was my second trip and it did nothing to change my opinion. Since the Bold City White Ale was all gone I decided to sample the Rye Pale Ale they had on tap. The bartender gave me the shittiest pour I’ve ever seen – no head whatsoever. The beer was pretty good though and if they serve it somewhere else I could see having it again. There is something about the method of paying out there that bugs the shit out of me too. When I order a drink I want to pay the bartender, not a cashier, that’s just stupid.

Then, on Saturday, I slept in until 10:30 and then had to do some laundry before heading to the Obama rally. We got in line about 1:30 and soon after they shut the gates and wouldn’t let anyone else in. Did get a t-shirt though and had a kick-ass Burrito Gallery burrito instead.

So when it comes to parties and clubs and such I guess it’s cool to show up after the crowd is established but for giveaways and limited occupancies, it really does pay to show up early.