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While I was in Afghanistan I heard a lot of buzz about this whole CrossFit program. A buddy of mine did it religiously but the exercises involved were foreign to me and a little intimidating. It worked wonders for him and I vowed to look into it when I got a chance.

Lo and behold there is a CrossFit gym right here in Jacksonville (Mayport, actually) and conveniently located on the way home from work. I won’t get into the philosophy and specifics of the program (you can find out for your self here). But this gym is seriously hardcore! Located in an old garage, Jacksonville Elite Fitness, is the very definition of minimalist. The walls are spray-painted with motivational hoo-rah and the floors look hungry for blood and sweat.

In addition to CrossFit, they also teach Muay Thai and MMA. So if you are hungry for an ass-kicking, you should check it out. I’m headed there tomorrow for the initial free intro class before I pony up for a full-on membership. Will definitely follow up…