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I recently mentioned some events that Jax Beach comic shop, Comics and Classics, is hosting this fall. I finally made a visit yesterday to pick up the releases I missed from last week. And what a great little shop it is!

From the moment I walked in I knew it was a different breed of comic store. Most traditional shops feature your typical comics geek a la Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons willing only to chat with the most hardcore fanboys. I immediately felt at home and welcome. Free wifi and places to sit and hang out were a shocking change from what I’m used to. This shop really seems to cater to community and group interaction which is a refreshing take.

The selection of new comics was just as good as any shop I’ve been to in Jax and they have a decent supply of trades, graphic novels, and lots of indy stuff. What really blew me away was the locally created art on sale and display on the walls. Some very cool stuff from unknowns as well as a handful of Toycrusher pieces!

The staff is friendly as hell and I signed up for a pull list while I’m still here. I went back in today to see if any of my stuff had come in (it hadn’t) and there was a young guy drawing some really smoking panels at one of the tables. It was very to cool to see and I’m totally stoked to have such a kick-ass place within walking distance from the house.

So check it out and don’t forget to check out their upcoming events as well.