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I was here and now I’m going again. JAX was shut down Friday night so I had to fly into Sarasota instead and drove to Jacksonville Saturday morning. I got to check out the State of the Re:Union party and then hung out with some old friends.

Unfortunately I don’t know ant creative types here in Jacksonville so I pretty much just played wallflower and downed a few beers. I did get to meet the host of the show, Al Letson, in all his dread-locked glory and talked a little about the show. Apparently it is still in pre-production at the moment and there will only be a handful of shows in 2009 followed by a much more rigorous schedule when things get going. The show will be about communities and what brings them together and according to Al, will focus on the arts. Check out the website for more info and the promo video.

Check out the album.

After that, I met up with some shipmates and visited some dives that don’t even worth mentioning. The moral of this story is I need to meet some new people in this town.