Get ready Jacksonville, this old boy is coming your way!

Just arrived at BWI Airport in Baltimore. Believe it or not they actually served liquor on the flight to a bunch of sailors returning from a year deployment completely booze-free. Despite three scotches, a whiskey, and an ambien and a half, I didn’t get much sleep. Now I have seven hours to kill…

I won’t have much of a chance to hit the town tonight but tomorrow I plan on hitting things full force. Got to get a new phone (iPhone, of course), check out my new apartment and try and get some stuff for it and find something to wear besides these desert cammies. Definitely going to check out the State of the Re:Union party and then hit up either Eclipse’s Summer BBQ jam or The Pearl’s Hello My Name Is party.

Hopefully the storm hasn’t screwed things up too terribly or messed up any plans. See you soon!